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you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. the clean-up for hurricane sandy claims another life. i'm cheryl connor with details of a man who died white cut down a tree. sandy is still sending cooler temperatures in ore area. are you trying to figure out what do with all the halloween candy. why not serve our troops overseas. tonight, we may never look at a leaning tree the same again. >> a contractor removing trees in annapolis was killed when a tree fell on him. this is just a horrible story. >>reporter: yeah, absolute awful. he had experience on the job. he was cleaning up after hurricane sandy, just as so many people in the area are doing.
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a friend called it a freak accident, one his son had to watch. >>reporter: there's absolute hear ache in saint margarets. family and friends gather in a front lawn waiting for their loved one's body to be taken off property. >> just kills me. >>reporter: this man says his friend, 50-year-old santiago lopez were working along side other men, trimming trees damaged by hurricane sandy. they were in the back of this house when lopez was hit by a tree and died instantly. . >> it was an accident. terrible. >>reporter: he worked for a tree care company for ten years and was experienced on the job. his son was in the business with him. he was there when his died dad. >> i think he's a beloved father. he has children. his son was here. >>reporter: the incident happen around 1:00.
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the family stayed at that time medical examiner took his body from the home. mother nay clear brought -- nature brought him to work heree first place. >> we've got a very tragic accident tonight. >>reporter: certainly tragic. tonight, we called the company but a woman who answered the phone would not extent on how the incident happened. sadly, there are now four people in maryland who died from the storm. we're live, several o'connor. trees down all over the area. we found this one today. fortunately no one was hurt but a has toll remove. the crew -- hassle to remove. the crew's truck got stub in the must be. abc 2 is working for you right now. we're moving trees.
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it's not only serious but could be deadly. keep these tips in mind. before you do anything, contact bge to find out if there are any power lines under your yard. figure out which direction the trial will feel, and -- tree will fall. be alert at all times. never turn your back on a falling tree. make sure you have the proper safety gear. just call a professional. the clear-up is well under way. we saw a little bit of the moon today. maybe the clouds are moving out. >> wyatt every hart joins -- everhart joins us tonight. the nice was nice and dry. wraparound flow around the backside of sandy continuing to pull in the cooler air. we're in an unseasonably cool
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pattern for the foresee mri -- future. we're talk much more abw things will shape up through your weekend coming. all right. as of a couple of homes ago, 90% of the people who lost power have it back. they're making progress on the eastern shore as well. that's where the governor was there today. he toured damage in crisfield and promised to send whatever resources they need. >> we need help out here. >> the governor also toured damage in ocean city. we checked in but folks on filler's a -- miller's island. water is starting to pull back, clean-up under way. they say sandy wasn't as bad as isabel. here we are in annapolis. they made it through the storm without a lot of damage.
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here the boats were pulled out of the water and secured before the storm were hit. boats may have gotten a few dinged. home owners in annapolis are grateful for the utility crews called. in we caught one trues on harbor drive today clearing a large tree and broken telephone pole that cause aid transformer to crash to the ground. >> you walk into a room and the first thing you want to do is flip a light on and running water because we're on well here, just your daily showers and running water and flushing the commodes and that sort of thing that i take for granted. >> some of the crews helping us
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get back on our feet are going to help new jersey and new york. a man just barely escaped getting hurt when a free crushed through his roof. he was just three steps away when it happened. >> i was walking in the kitchen. i heard a loud crash and snapping sound and looked out through my kitchen to see the rain and the wind and tree running through the middle of my kitchen. >> his kitchen is ruined. he's worried the foundation could be cracked. we may not be dealing with the damage as bad as we were expecting but they are farther north. who is going to help? we are, your neighbor, your co-workers, family, friends. i want to show you the effort going on right now from your home to homes that really need help tonight.
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>>reporter: it's load them up time in baltimore city. two boats fully stocked will be leaving very jersey in the morning. they will going to the flooded out areas where homes are destroyed. a lot of medically sick patients. >>reporter: they're taking band ans, back board -- band ans, back boards, splints. >> we'll be walking around the neighborhood looking at the damage. >>reporter: people going the extra mile to make us all feel safe and secure. >> we try to help people. that's what we do. >>reporter: we try to help people. that's what we do. the paramedics from baltimore city are looking to spend a week, ten days, doing whatever is needed. as we start head back to work and school, we begin driving again. lauren cook is working for you tonight on a reminder of how to
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deal with problems. >>reporter: power outages are still affecting my roads across the region. if you come across an intersection without a working traffic light, treat it as awe four-way stop. there's still flooding in low-lying areas. never drive the standing water. for the latest traffic conditions 24/7, go to abc 2 it's halloween and our witches had to jump over limbs instead of ride on their brooms. hurricane sandy doesn't stop halloween in many areas tonight. >> we were planning a candy hunt in the house, actually, is what we were going to do. we were sure the there was not going to be halloween. >> i really wanted to go trick-or-treating today, but i
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didn't think we would be able. >> plenty of trick-or-treaters in baltimore county. in cecil county, a number of communities held off tonight. coming up in five minutes, what to do with the left overcandy -- left over candy. early voting was back on today. people headed to the polls, including governor o'malley. >> we have a lot of interesting issues on the ballot, of course none for interesting than the election of the president of the united stas. so in times of emergency, i think people really see why it is that we even coming to form a government. >> with two days lost, extended should have everything back on track. the polls will be open. before you vote, prepare yourselves for the polls. on our website, we break down the ballot questions, have the interviews you can watch with
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your local candidates. $500,000 bail. that's what it will take one woman to get out of jail. he's the mother police say helped her son and another child hide a body. the 13-year-old was shot, her body found in an alley. our team coverage of super storm sandy picks up in a pin. >> we're up in new jersey with damage you haven't seen yet. >>reporter: construction in atlantic city, new jersey. this is somebody's roof torn off their building. that's just the building. tonight forget to check out the cool temperatures coming in. we'll talk more coming up. how to use the halloween candy to serve troops over sees. we're back in a minute.
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. this is what it takes to get a tank of gas in some parts of new jersey. this line is more than 100 cars long. people say they waited for two hours to get cars. these are the latest shot of damage in seaside heights new jersey. entire homes were collapsed. we found a truck buried in mud and wear. seaside heights is on the south end of the island. let's go to atlantic city. they took a big hit today. the board walk is a mess. >> they're having a loss of $5 million a day. >>reporter: so much destruction here in atlantic city. this was somebody's roof. it was ripped off of their building and tossed to the side. this is just the beginning. where i'm standing right here, this used to be about five feet
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of water. it's move out but the destruction is here. >> this is our cellar. >> beverly peterson is one of the people. she's been living by candlelight. tonight it's the little things that we take for granted that make them smile. >> we have food and can cookout side. by now the freezers have just about giving out. >>reporter: beverly has been near this neighborhood since her dad brought her here in the 1940s. many of her treasured memories disappeared in the flood waters. we lost all our personal possessions from the time my kids were in school. there's tools down there. we can salvage that. >>reporter: family pictures, stuff like that. >> yeah, all that stuff. >>reporter: the without was up about 5 feet outside her home, the wind so strong that they tore her neighbor's roof about
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the building. about five miles from her, the shoreline. the boardwalk is gone. >> never have we had water in this house. i've been here 50 years. >>reporter: as you can see, the clean-up has rearly barely begun -- really barely begun. a lot of people remain evacuate and police continue control, making sure looters are not taking advantage of the situation. the new york city marathon will happen this weekend. super storm sandy hit the city hard but the race will go on. the mayor made the announcement today. it's scheduled for sunt . a big event like this can help boost the city's resolve and bring people together. >> the nc marathon shows off the spirit of the city like no other. the best thing we can do is
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celebrate. >> the mayor expects most power to be back on in time for the rate and hopes it will help boost businesses. so much thing as too much candy. do you ever go overboard when buying candy and find yourself left with extra. >> karen had tricks for getting rid of your left overhalloween -- left over halloween streets. >>o ed to buy over 2 billion dollars worth of candy. the sweet stuff can scare parents, so consider stuff for dealing with too many treats. halloween can be a scary time for pediatric dentists. many initiate candy buy-backs why youngsters bring in their
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sweet treats to exchange for cash and coupons. the dentists send the candy off to operation gratitude, wasn't of the few groups that puts the treats in care packages for u.s. troops serving overseas. other organizations mounting similar efforts include operation shoe box and the operation stars and stripes trick-or-treating for the troops projects. the year kids seeing images of the aftermath of super storm sandy may help. consider donating the treats to kids on the east coast. now, maryland's most act -- accurate forecast. >> more information on how much rain and snow we got across our state from sandy. look at this rain total map. the highest totals was the eastern shore, 12 inches in
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spots. we think there are some indications that could have gotten 14 inches. that's why the flooding was so severe. more than half oi foot for most of the western shore. out in the western part of the state, several inches of precipitation. how much snow? red house over 30 inches. if you haven't seen the totals, they are shocking. two feet in oakland and nearly 30 inches in west virginia, even in tennessee gets 22 inches. still the state of emergency to the west, national guard trying to get in there. big-time power outages. the same thing down into virginia as well. tomorrow will be the peak stage of the river. it's going to be about five feet
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below flood stage. 48 now at the airport, dupe 36. it's been a breezy, cool, cloudy halloween. we are high schooler than average. 62 normal. for the next seven days we do not even get back to normal, let alone above normal. how about new photos today? let's check a few of them. the fly over, the end is gone, used to be way out here. how about down in ocean city? that was the kind of wave that will take out the pier. he's out there surfing the thing. look at that. we've got major washover damage. these are from the maryland national guard. but-time flooding in crisfield. the maryland national guard
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stepping up. crisfield probably the hardest hit in terms of rain and wind. all right. no winds tonight. that's got. we just saw the clouds around, temperatures running chilly. that's the case for the fear seeable future. -- foreseeable future. just a coups had to the north and west. sandy is just kind of sitting there. she's holding our cool pattern in place. lit keep the clouds around for another day tomorrow. i think we're dry and rain free. as we go from tomorrow into friday, we will begin to see some clearing to the north and a little more sunshine, i think, in the picture by friday and saturday. the chill is going to keep wrapping in behind sandy. we're going to struggle to get
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above 50 degrees. 38 tonight. still some spooky clouds, i suppose. tomorrow, 54, mostly cloudy skies on west breeze. crisp, fall weather. good weather remaining in the outlook as we push forward into the second half of the forecast. temperatures try to warm up a little. we'll have rain monday, a new rain system coming in. that probably holds temperatures below 60. >> i hope this isn't a sign of things to come. >> you mean like winter? >> like extreme winter. we had the heat in summer. >> the ratio of sandy and everything before that -- >> the pictures are something to see. tomorrow it's the 2012 country music awards. the cma's live. some of the biggest stars in country music will be throughout on stage. we heard from some of the performers who cannot wait to take the stage. >> the feeling of going into the
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cma's is such an amazing feeling of celebration and joy and appreciation. >> i'm doing my current single, which is southern comfort zone, first time on tv. it's exciting to do that. he's also going to be co-hosting, brad paisley along with carry -- carrie underwood. more abc 2 news coming up. here's a look what the you'll see after-- after us on nightline. >>reporter: we're on the ground in new jersey. plus the turmoil as one of manhattan's biggest hospitals is forced to evacuate.
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a return -- pumpkin conserve ing carving went -- a pumpkin carving went wrong. they apparently use food much gas. when the -- use too much gas. bella, and 8-month-old beagle dress eded up as a sock
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monkey and went around trick-or-treating tonight. she is now at home resting. >> play dates coming up. >> here we go. another trick-or-treater. >> how are you, coach? >> it's good to be here. i heard i have some resemblance to the weather guy. >> you're coming off a bye, coach. what are you going to do? >> with the storm and the orioles, we're happy about that but i feel like he haven't been getting talked about much. >> you start winning and we'll talk about you a lot. >> the perfect come-back game, cleveland. this is a good chance to get in there. they took a good hit with sandy too, waves coming over lake erie. >> all right. i'll be the coach. now, what we want to do is take
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a look at last year. >> remember this one? >> yeah. it's getting to be a tradition around here. i don't know how many things i can come up with. that was hard to top. i sent the picture to my mom. she was like oh, my gosh. the outlook here into the weekend, we're looking good, sunshine, chance to clean up, chance to go to your friends house, watch the ravens kick tail. let's get it done.
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star wars fan, we're gearing up for episode 7. another star works movie is in the works. >> and you can't wait, right? >> who, me? no. >> we're winning sunday. >> that's it. that's our apartment-un warm-up -- warm-up run through cleveland. e a good night. thank you for joining us. >> happy halloween. anncr: it's endorsed by business leaders...
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small business owner: question seven means thousands of jobs... in baltimore and across maryland... anncr: and labor groups... construction worker: question seven lets us bring good jobs... back home. anncr: the teachers back it... teacher: millions of dollars will go to our schools... and not other states. anncr: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven.

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